February 2016

Just heard from the editors, Ty Schwamberger and David Owain Hughes, that Cadence in Decay (Ravenswood Publishing) has a provisional release date of October 2016. This little beauty has been a long time coming, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be well worth the wait – just check out the table of contents below:








  • Remembrances for J.F. Gonzalez
  • City of Joy by Weston Ochse
  • Unknown Caller by Michael West
  • Some Words with a Corpse by Adam Lewis
  • Breaking Up by Ramsey Campbell
  • Dead Cache by Mike Oliveri
  • One Up a Tree by Chad Lutzke
  • The Everyday Struggles of Being by Philip C. Perron
  • Patience by Skip Novak
  • War Is Over by Gary Braunbeck
  • Minx and the Meaning of Life (or A Faery Learns to Feel) by Gabriel M. Cole
  • Dialing the Dead by James A. Moore
  • It’s For You by Keith Minnion
  • Communication Breakdown by Maurice Broaddus
  • Terminal Point of Addiction by Ian R. Faulkner
  • Sorry, No Service – Technological Disturbance by David Owain Hughes
  • MASKS by Taylor Grant
  • Spencer Weaver Gets Rebooted by Thomas Erb
  • Tin Cans by Jeff Strand
  • The Talking Dead by Tim Waggoner

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September 2015

It’s been awhile, but at long last I can, finally, now announce that Cadence in Decay is back and will be released by Ravenswood Publishing in trade paperback and eBook editions in 2016:









Cadence in Decay will be edited by Ty Schwamberger and the contributors will include (in no particular order):

Weston Ochse, Michael West, Adam P. Lewis, Ramsey Campbell, Mike Oliveri, Chad Lutzke, Philip C. Perron, Skip Novak, Gary Braunbeck, Gabriel M. Cole, James A. Moore, Keith Minnion, Maurice Broaddus, Ian R. Faulkner (that’s me), David Owain Hughes, Taylor Grant, Thomas Erb, Jeff Strand, and Tim Waggoner ; with a fantastic cover (as seen above) from David Anthony Magitis.

I am so glad this little beauty will, at long last, see the light of day – all thanks to Ty – as it was conceived way back in 2012!

Watch this space and I’ll keep you in the loop,






August 2013

It’s been awhile… but I have news: the Cadence in Decay anthology may be resurrected. No guarantees. Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed.

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January 2013

Happy New Year.

And now the news, which,  unfortunately, is bad news (and certainly not the way I planned to open the first update of 2013), as the Cadence in Decay  anthology due from Mansion House Books, I’m sad to say,  will not now be published. Gosh darn it!

Hopefully, better news  soon.

All the best,




September 2012 – Part II

Isn’t it strange how things work out? Just as I say news is slim, lo and behold, I have news!


This is the original cover art for the anthology, Cadence in Decay, forthcoming from UK publisher Mansion House Books. Edited by Ty Schwamberger, contributors include: Adam P. Lewis, J.F. Gonzalez, Mike Oliveri, Tim Waggoner, Maurice Broaddus, Jack Ketchum, James A. Moore, Jeff Strand, Ramsey Campbell, Gary Braunbeck, Weston Ochse, Michael West, Thomas A. Erb, Skip Novak and Ian R. Faulkner (which is me).

CID will be released in signed limited edition hardcover the first half of 2013.

Stay tuned for further details.



September 2012

Things are still quiet on the writing front – so no real news there, but I do have a tease for you, as THE CAT CONSPIRACIES are coming soon!

And just what the heck  are they? I hear  you ask.

Well, THE CAT CONSPIRACIES are the  brain child of Ravi Thornton (the author of the very adult, emotional and disturbing graphic novel, THE TALE OF BRIN & BENT AND MINNO MARYLEBONE ) and I can’t say too much more about them just yet – I did say this was a tease – other than they will be something a little out of the ordinary, especially for myself, as they’re not just stories, but, as Ravi puts it, a set of “awesome pervasive adventure narratives”.

Take care and keep reading,



July 2012

Not too much to report, as things are still quiet on the writing front, although the new anthology from MHB, “Cadence in Decay” is still progressing (as far as I know) and I’ve had some provisional news on a story I submitted to another new forthcoming anthology. This little surreal ditty has, according to the editor, made it to the maybe pile, which is certainly much much better than a rejection. So keep your fingers crossed.

One item of interest for those who may have missed out on any of my stories published by THE HOUSE OF MURKY DEPTHS is, as of right now, you can pick up any two issues for the price of one – that’s two slices of graphically dark anthology mixing prose short stories with comics in a graphic-novel-sized package for the bargain price of £6.99.

So don’t wait. Treat yourself today.


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