This section of my site is supposed to be for news, but as I   haven’t got any at the moment, beyond telling you to look out for my work in THE   BEST BRITISH MYSTERIES IV, CRIMEWAVE   9 and the forthcoming BLACK STATIC (previously The Third Alternative),  I   plan to use it to say ‘thank you’to a number of people:

First  and foremost, to my wife, Linda, for putting up with me when I’m writing,  worrying about writing, worrying about not writing and generally being a bear  with a sore head; Kim at ‘Camelot Books and Gifts’ for proof reading duties  above and beyond and for keeping my book-collecting obsession well fed; Andy  Cox, Peter Crowther and Richard Hanson for encouragement; Simon Avery for  taking a chance; Joel Lane for convincing me short stories were the way to go;  Julia Crook for making me go to the MAC in the first place; and, last but not  least, my Dad, for buying me my first books and introducing me to the wonders  of the written word.

Remember: no news is good news.