January 2008

Well here we are again, another New Year well under way.  Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas holiday and life is treating you well.

January brings two items of news. The first being BLACK  STATIC #3, which features my weird war story, THE DIFFERENCE  BETWEEN, is soon be on sale (you can obtain sneak preview at http://ttapress.com/category/blackstatic/).  Please order up a copy or three, or, better yet, subscribe, as this is one of  my favourites and well worth checking out. In fact, whilst you’re at it, why  not subscribe to CRIME WAVE and INTERZONE as well. Not only will you be  supporting a much-respected UK publisher you will be picking up three magazines  worth of truly excellent fiction.

Front cover and story from Black Static #3

The second item is my novella length science fiction /  end of the world / zombie horror story, NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL is due to appear  in the February edition of the on-line literary magazine WRITTEN WORD.  Please visit and check it out (it’s free to download) and well worth your time.

Well that’s it for now. Take care and all the best,