Black Static issue #3

Black Static

In 1916, during the horrors of the Somme, a young private in the British Army finds himself in No Man’s Land with a number of very unusual women known collectively as the Ker.








February 2008 – Part 3

Something WickedOh yes, not a double, but a triple whammy this month (that’s right, count ‘em – three sales in the month of February)!

Editor Joe Vaz has just confirmed my story, SHADOWS ON THE  WALL, will be appearing in SOMETHING WICKED issue #7, which is due out sometime  in July.

Something Wicked (issue #5 shown) is a quarterly publication  in the tradition of such magazine greats as Scary Tales, Cemetery Dance, Weird  Tales and Creep Show. It regularly showcases new fiction and interviews from  the likes of Stephen King, John Connolly, Ed Neumeier and many others.

Go check out the website at www.somethingwicked.co.za and  order your self a copy.  You won’t regret  it.


February 2008 Part 2

February 2008 – Part II

A double whammy this month, as I’ve just heard excellent news from Gerard Houarner, fiction editor at the long running and much respected SPACE AND TIME MAGAZINE, that they have accepted my story, THE SLEEPER’S AWAKENING. No news yet as to which issue it will appear in, although hopefully the wait won’t be too long, as SPACE AND TIME have this year switched to a quarterly. Feel free to check out their website at www.spaceandtimemagazine.com and pick up a copy or three!


February 2008

It’s official, editor Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr has just  confirmed my short story, CADMUS GRAVES AND THE  MISSING CLONE, has been accepted for publication in  SpecFicWorld’s forthcoming anthology, OTHERWORLDS –  due, all being well, sometime this summer.

Written WordAlso, as mentioned last month, my novella, NECESSARY FOR  SURVIVAL, is now  available for download from the WRITTEN WORD on-line literary magazine. Just click the cover and you’ll  be there. Read it and enjoy.