Crimewave 10

Vesna Bayer dreamt of a better life for herself and her baby daughter, Jelena, but upon leaving her home in Croatia she finds her life in the UK to be nothing short of a nightmare: sold into Birmingham’s seedy sex trade, her daughter taken from her, all Vesna has left is a mother’s love.

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond my control, A MOTHER’S LOVE, whilst accepted for publication over twelve months ago, will now not be appearing in Crimewave #10. Let’s hope it’s not too long before this story finds a new home.








All Hallows Magazine from Ash Tree Press

Sam Collins travels to the Yorkshire Dales looking for an escape from a world of intolerance and prejudice. He just wants to be left alone to face his demons. There is one problem with Sam’s plan: a black-eyed dog is haunting him and it wants more from Sam than he could ever imagine.

July 2008 – Part 3

And yet another July update – for those keeping count that makes three in almost as many days!

It’s now official: my short horror story, THE RUSALKA, is to be included in the upcoming NITEBLADE print anthology, LOST INNOCENCE, which is scheduled for release on the 1st of September this year. Please look out for it. I’ll post more info on how to order a copy as and when it becomes available.

Thank you to all who voted for my story. I really appreciate it.

All the best,


July 2008 – Part 2

Something WickedWhat? Another update for July so soon?

Yep, it sure is, ‘cause I’ve just heard from Joe Vaz, editor at SOMETHING WICKED, that issue #7  (which features my short story SHADOWS ON THE WALL) is due out right about now. Please go visit them and pick up a copy or three.  You can pre-order  a copy of this excellent magazine right here for the bargain price of £3.51 (including shipping).

Go on. Order a copy – You know you want to!


July 2008

The polls for NITEBLADE’S LOST INNOCENCE anthology are now closed and, although Rhonda has yet to officially announce the winners, the scores on the doors appear to show the top five short stories as:

Prison Darkness by Nathanael Green; Killing Mittens by Milan Smith; Dark Angel by R.K. Gemienhardt; The Seventh Day by Patrick Hurley; and (drum roll) The Rusalka by Ian R. Faulkner – woohoo!

Also, do you remember back in May I mentioned a new audio book/pod cast site had approached me for permission to use my stories, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN and A HANDFUL OF DUST?

You do? Good, ‘cause I’ve just received a draft, rough audio version of A HANDFUL OF DUST and, I have to say, it sounds fantastic. Still can’t give out any real detail yet, other than to say: watch this space – it’s going to one heck of a site.

Take care,