October 2008

OTHERWORLDS: Tales of Dark Speculative Fiction The OTHERWORLDS anthology containing the first of my Cadmus Graves PI stories, CADMUS GRAVES AND THE MISSING CLONE, is now available direct from the SpecFicWorldwebsite as a PDF download priced $3.99 (which, given it contains 28,000 words of superb otherworldly fiction, is a veritable bargain).

And if that wasn’t enough, not only does OTHERWORLDS introduce the world to Cadmus Graves, it also contains three other terrific tales of dark speculative fiction: SLEEPING WITH THE ANEMONE by Mercurio D. Rivera, HUMAN TRANSFER by Lawrence R. Dagstine, and HERMAPHRODITES ARE FROM MERCURY by Trent Roman.

So now you have no excuse but to follow the OTHERWORLDS link and pick up a copy today – you won’t regret it.

All the best,