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Mariella Hanson is having dreams she is killing people, and on the city centre tow paths the police are finding the bodies: young boys mauled to death by what is believed to be an escaped panther. But things are definitely not what they seem.

NOTE: New Voices in Fiction has,  unfortunately, been closed down. Let’s hope it will not be too long before this twisted little tale finds another home.


July 2009 – Part 2

As I pointed out back in April, I have a new story entitled, THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE, appearing in issue #10 of brilliant Murky Depths and, whilst that issue is still a little way off, issue #9 is hitting the streets right about now and I recommend you check it out. You don’t want to miss out.

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July 2009

All is quiet…

But is it too quiet? Me thinks yes, as I’ve been a little lax in submitting stuff recently: other things just keep getting in the way, but, you’ll be pleased to know, I will be making a concerted effort to do better. I have a cunning plan to polish up the dozen or so new short stories tucked away in my desk drawer and (markets permitting) get them out into the big wide world within the next couple of months.

Another thing I discovered this month, other than things had gone very quiet, was I have a twin (well, kind of) or, at very least, proof the world is shrinking, as the author Ian M. Faulkner dropped me a line to say hi.

Ian M. was born in the Midlands during the 60’s (sound familiar?), and writes horror and other cool stuff (now this is just plain spooky), although he now lives in Texas USA with his wife, Natalia (phew, I was getting worried there).

Ian’s short story ‘Grandpa Billy’ received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s ‘The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror‘ and he has two new books due this year and a third, the novel ‘Wolfsbane’, slated for release sometime next. Go check out his website at ianmfaulkner.wordpress.com and see for yourself – it’s worth a visit.

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