August 2009

Well, as promised, the stories have been written, polished up and let loose on the world – so keep your fingers  crossed and I’ll keep you posted on what the future holds in store for them as I hear.

So far things are looking up, as one of my warped offspring has already found a home over  at ShriekFreak Quarterly. This is so hot off the press: it’s veritably smoking, as  I only heard back from their “Deaditor-in-Chief” this very weekend that he wished to add my short story, THE NIGHT BUS,  to their “fiction file” for future publication.

ShriekFreak Quarterly is an 84 page, square-bound horror magazine, which debuted on October 1st 2008. Each issue features a gallery of an up and coming horror artists, original short fiction, short horror comics and a glut of news and reviews.

I’ll let you know more as and when, but in the meantime please go check them out and order up a copy or two.

All the best,