November 2009 Part 2


And the reason for such exclamation? Well, I just found the following post by Andy Cox,  editor over at TTA Press about the recent podcast of my story, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN:

“I’ve just listened to [THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN], and I thought it was brilliant. I’d have played it at half the speed if I could, but David Rees-Thomas was a perfect choice to read this story, and I hope he’ll read some more. I always thought Ian’s ‘The Difference Between’ was great (with an uncanny relevance to my own family history!) and the audio gives it a whole new dimension, makes it new to me, confirms — for me — that it’s a world class story.”

I’m stunned by such a kind and wonderful review – “a world class story” – all I can say is: WOW!

Please check out what all the fuss is about over at the Transmissions from Beyond site.

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November 2009

The wait is over. The monster lives.

Not only that, Murky Depths issue #10 is out today and it features a veritable feast of new fiction, not least of which is my latest story, THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE – a prequel of sorts to my first deadhead tale, SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD, which originally featured in Murky Depths issue #3.

I’ve included the full contents list for issue #10, right here, for you to marvel at:

  • Dead Girls by Richard Calder [with art by Leonardo M Giron]
  • Now! And Then! by Mike Carey [with art by Neil Roberts]
  • The Other Side Of Life by Ian R. Faulkner [with art by Dylan Williams]
  • Soul Music by Richard Rippon [with art by Nancy Farmer]
  • Radio Man, Frequency Woman by Alex Curnow [with art by Neil Struthers]
  • Christmas Miracle by Jeff Cook [with art by Martin Deep]
  • The Long Haul by Mark Ball [with art by Smuzz]
  • The Last Precinct – Part 1 by Luke Cooper [with art by Luke Cooper]
  • The Claimant by Toby Anderton [with art by Toby Anderton]
  • Finger by Lavie Tidhar [with art by Neil Roberts]
  • The Naked Soul Of Man by James Johnson [with art by Lars Rasmussen]
  • Depth Charge – Pussy Control by Matt Wallace
  • Interview with Lars Rasmussen
  • Stirred Not Shaken by Robert Rankin & Toby Frost
  • Over To You – writing competition by Mike Carey

Don’t wait: order it now.

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