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Space And Time Magazine issue #106

Space And Time Magazine

As Chief Security Officer of Stapledon, the sixth province of the thriving Rim community of Llorrac Siwel, Chief David mostly tanked drunks, broke up the odd fight on a Friday night and rounded up the usual suspects whenever a theft was reported. Of course, all that changed when Holly Grimes reported her husband, Chris, missing and the investigation embroiled the Chief in the mysterious and deadly project “Sleeper”.










January 2010

Well, yet another New Year is here and to start it off right, I am pleased (hell, I’m delighted)  to inform you guys that my story, THE TERMINAL POINT OF ADDICTION, has been accepted by John Ferguson  to appear within the pages of NECROLOGY SHORTS this very month (as well as possibly within their accompanying six monthly anthology).

So, please pay the NECROLOGY SHORTS a visit and check  out THE TERMINAL POINT OF ADDICTION – it’s totally free and one nasty piece of work (if I do say so myself).

Happy New Year,