March 2011 – Part III

It is all go this month for news, as Terry Martin, editor and publisher of the wonderful Murky Depths, has just allowed a sneak peek at the cover for issue # 16 and, as you can see, my name is on the cover – how cool is that?!

Issue # 16 features my sci-fi/horror/police procedural VALERIA, so please pick up a copy as soon as it hits the streets.

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March 2011 – Part II

Oh yes, there’s more news for the month of March: “Doomology : The Dawning Of Disasters” is now out and on sale at This new anthology features my cannibal-pirate adventure story, AFTER THE FLOOD, and you really should follow the link and order your copy today.

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March 2011

The WATCH anthology, featuring my new story, THROUGH THE NIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE PURE, is now very, very close – I have been reliably informed by the editor that it will be in the hands of the printers in just a matter of a few short weeks now.

How cool is that?

As I know more, so will you.

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