April 2011

And here’s the news:

House of Murky Depths

Murky Depths issue #16 is now on sale and it features my sci-fi/horror/police procedural VALERIA – it also has my name emblazoned on the front cover! Please order your copy today. You can do this obtain it either direct from The House of Murky Depths or from any of the following usual suspects:





Also available right now is the Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press’s DOOMOLOGY: THE DAWNING OF DISASTERS anthology. This massive book features my cannibal-pirate adventure story,AFTER THE FLOOD. Please follow the link and order a copy. It’s well worth your time and hard earned cash.




Watch: an anthology

The WATCH anthology from Imprint Phoenix Publishing, and my WW2 voyeuristic horror, THROUGH THE NIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE PURE, is almost with us. It now has ISBN and the editor has already stated, very kindly, that he feels my contribution is “…an incredible tale…”, which he considers a world class story that will leave the reader with a chill and a lasting memory long after the last page has been turned.

Not much I can add to such a fantastic review other than to say my gast was and is truly flabbered!


Last but not least, this month also brought with it a post on Facebook from TTA Press, which stated that my short story THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN (originally featured in BLACK STATIC issue #3) was at number three in their podcast top ten reader’s (or should that be listener’s) poll.

Front cover and story from Black Static #3

If you’re interested in checking out this podcast, and David Rees-Thomas’s excellent reading of my WW1 tale of wartime terror, here’s a link direct to Transmissions From Beyond and THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN (and, whilst you’re there, don’t forget to check out my other audio story: A HANDFUL OF DUST).

Thanks for reading (and listening).

All the best,