November 2011

Bad news for the month of November, as Murky Depths is closing up shop with the publication of issue #18. You can read the official announcement from Terry Martin, editor and publisher, over at his blog lucifal.wordpress. However, in a nutshell, whilst The House of Murky Depths will continue to publish paperbacks and graphic novels, the magazine has shut up its shutters and locked its doors and this is sad, sad news – I mean, it’s always a black day when a genre magazine shuts up shop (there aren’t that many left now as it is) but MD was special and it will be missed.

I had three stories published by Terry since Murky Depths was launched back in 2007 (SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD, which appeared in issue #3; THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE, which appeared in issue #10; and VALERIA, which appeared in issue #16) and I am, and always will be, very grateful to Terry and Murky Depths.

All the best,