August 2011

As a special treat for the month I have now added a new section to my site entitled Free Stuff. This page contains, well, free stuff, and my plan for this page is to continually post freebee versions of some of my more out of circulation stories. The first up is THE RUSALKA, which made its debut back in 2007, although this version has been heavily edited and rewritten for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. And then, if you have an urge to read the original (and, of course, all the other wonderful stories featured alongside my own), you can pick up a copy of the anthology LOST INNOCENCE from Amazon for a little over £7.00 – just check out the reviews below:

  • This is a great anthology of dark fantasy/horror from this up and coming magazine… a sweet (and sour) little treat for the lover of the macabre.
  • This is an outstanding collection of stories from issues 1-4 of Niteblade Magazine chosen by readers. There are 13 chilling stories and poems that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Also this month I found a mini review of my short story VALERIA (Murky Depths #16) from the author Alan Baxter. Mr. B stated that VALERIA was “… a dark, violent cyberpunk noir tale. Gritty and clever, and quite disturbing….” which is nice.

Not much more to tell at the moment, other than to remind you to pick up a copy of WATCH from IPP, assuming you haven’t already, and to keep your eyes peeled for more news on my involvement in the MHB anthologyCADENCE IN DECAY.

All the best,