Watch: An Anthology

Watch: an anthology









Obersturmbannführer Heinrich Josef Müller has been keeping secrets, secrets born out of a past which has created a monstrous and uncontrolled obsession. Now, as the Soviet army approaches and the Reichsführer orders him to destroy the camp’s gas chambers, his secrets rise up and threaten more than his command and his ability to sate his desires – suddenly they threaten his very life.

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Murky Depths issue #16













When DI Gabriel Kirby responded with his partner, Dom Parkman, to a multiple 187 on the set of a neuro-video porn flick, he knew, as soon as he opened the door, things were going to be bad: what he didn’t know was just how bad.

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Doomology: The Dawning of Disasters anthology








After the flood, things in the Britain’s second city are pretty bleak and when, on an illegal journey across the floodplain to obtain black market premium goods, Tabitha Gilmore’s fiancé is kidnapped by a gang of cannibal pirates, Tabitha’s only chance to save the father of her unborn child, and her future, is an ex-cop living amongst the flotsam of the shattered city.







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Murky Depths issue #10










When off duty murder police, Adrian Hawkins, heard the news the mutilated body of a young girl had been found on the outskirts of Dead Town, he didn’t hesitate or stop to consider the consequences of his actions; it didn’t matter the girl was a deadhead or that he was jeopardising his career: all he could think about was his daughter, Kimberly, and what the Grinders had done to her.

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Transmissions From Beyond

A Handful of Dust, Transmissions From Beyond








Audio broadcast – story read by David Rees-Thomas.

Originally published in Black Static 3: January and February 2008.

In 1916, during the horrors of the Somme, a young private in the British Army finds himself in No Man’s Land with a number of very unusual women known collectively as the Ker.











As an artificial, biological life form, Krishna Blue is on the run for her life. Driven from her home world of Cal Edo by the hostile expansionism of a religious hegemony known as the Church of Man, Krishna finds herself on the fire planet of Asha, supposedly a safe haven for her kind, only to find the planet’s religious leaders, known as the Hagguras, believe her to be a reincarnation of the Vahishta Kallam, a prophet destined to lead the Kalastrian people into true enlightenment, which is something the COM will stop at all costs.









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Transmissions From Beyond

A Handful of Dust, Transmissions From Beyond

Audio broadcast – story read by John Berlyne

Story originally published in Crimewave 9: Transgressions in 2007.

When salesman Matthew Hadley drops off a new Jeep to a recently bereaved man, he comes away with far more than he ever bargained for.


“The Rusalka”

Niteblade: Lost Innocence Anthology

Buying your first home can be a stressful time, especially if like Rebecca Doyle and Alex Root your new home has a history of violent and unrequited love.








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Something Wicked issue #7

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The renowned magician Vincent Valentino is only in town for one night and Kelly Benson and Grace Adams have tickets for the show. From all the hype, Kelly and Grace expect it to be out of this world, and to bring down the house. What they don’t expect is Valentino’s magic to be real and for all their expectations to come true: literally.