July 2010

First up the bad news: as of issue #7, SHRIEK FREAK QUARTERLY will be no more.  This means THE NIGHT BUSwill not see print, but even worse than that is the loss of yet another market and a good one at that.

However, don’t despair, as there is good news: Terry Martin, editor and publisher over at the wonderful MURKY DEPTHS, has just informed me that MURKY DEPTHS has been shortlisted for the Best Magazine award by the British Fantasy Society (winner to be announced at this year’s Fantasycon in September).  Actually, this is not just good news, it is fantastic news, so much so, you should immediately go pick up a copy (or three) in order to find out for yourself why this nomination is so well deserved – better still, take out a subscription and then you’ll never have to miss out.

Murky Depths

Murky Depths

Issue #13 is at the printers right now, so head on over to the THE HOUSE OF MURKY DEPTHS and go mad – you really have no excuse, and, whilst you’re there, you can take the opportunity to pick up any back issues you may have missed out on (I particularly recommend issue #3 and  issue #10, as I’m in those).

Go on, what are you waiting for: you know it makes sense?

Best wishes,