June 2008

I have good news and bad news this month.

First up, the good news: Rhonda Parrish, editor and owner of NITEBLADE, has just announced the opening of the first NITEBLADE readers’ poll. This means you can now head on over to http://niteblade.com/lost-innocence and vote for your favorite NITEBLADE story (e.g. THE RUSALKA, which appeared in issue #2 and was written by yours truly – hint hint).

Polls close at the end of the month and when they do the five short stories and the five poems with the highest number of votes will be included in NITEBLADE’S LOST INNOCENCE anthology.

Now the bad news: I am sad to report the untimely death of the PLAIN MAGAZINE, which has, unfortunately, been closed by the editor. Issue #2, which features my story MORE NATURAL TO THE HUMAN HEART, will be the last and it’s a damn shame, as too many good markets are going the way of the dodo nowadays.

Well that’s it for now. Take care and don’t forget to vote!

All the best,