June 2010

The summer is upon us – well maybe – and I have just received word from Terry Martin that VALERIA has been provisionally placed for publication in issue #16 of the  wonderful Murky Depths  (which is fantastic news).

In addition, the Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press has now announced  the table of contents for the DOOMOLOGY:  THE DAWNING OF DISASTERS  anthology, which will feature my long (9K+ words)  post apocalyptic, cannibal-pirate, adventure story AFTER THE FLOOD.

Further details on the anthology and the TOC can be found over at  the Library of the Living Dead website (just follow the link if you want to check it out yourself), although to save you a click I’ve included the listing below:

  • Ralph Greco – The Humming Place
  • Fredrick Obermeyer – Hands On Approach
  • Marsheila Rockwell – Dr. God
  • Adrian Simmons – Tribes
  • Kenneth W. Cain – Spaceship Earth
  • Hillary Jacques – The Light At The End
  • Eileen Rhoadarmer – Night Terrors
  • Deon Brown – The Infallible Captain United
  • Denni Schnapp – A Cure For No Ills
  • Lewis A. Harvey – Attack!
  • Trevor Richardson – The Last Shall Be First
  • Leslie Brown – The Slow Plague
  • Scott Overton – Tartarus Rising
  • Lawrence R. Dagstine – The Big Dirt Nap
  • Ian R. Faulkner – After The Flood (that’s me!)
  • Derek Rutherford – The Only Child
  • Ryan Kinkor – It’ll All Make Sense In The End
  • Mike Chinn – Hell Freezes Over
  • Patrick D’Orazio – You Only Die Twice
  • Derek J. Goodman – Little Janie Earthcracker
  • Sam S. Kepfield – Thin Line
  • David Murphy – Key To The City
  • Dolan Morgan – Stable
  • Scott Parson – Theory Of Impact

Best wishes,