June 2011 – Part II

A nice little review of Murky Depths issue #16 by Gareth D Jones over atsfcrowsnest.com, in which he states that issue #16 may well be the darkest yet, with “death and depravity forming an atmospheric backdrop to many of the stories”.

He also states that VALERIA is a “disturbing and gritty portrayal of the depravity that technology enables” and he deems it an “interesting blend of old-fashioned cop and hi-tech degeneracy”.

This view is echoed by Sam Tomaino over at sfrevu.com, and who states that issue #16 is another great issue and that VALERIA is an “edgy tale of horror” that provides a nasty ride for its police officer protagonist.

Please checkout Murky Depths and pick up a copy. Issue #16 is still available from all the usual suspects, both on line and in the high street, and I promise you: you won’t be disappointed – as Mr. Jones states, Murky Depths “… is a magazine that demands to be read”.