June 2011

Things have been very busy, news wise, over the last couple of months, although a lot of it is too hush-hush to announce fully just yet. To whet your appetite, as I guess I can hint at things so long as I don’t give too much away, I can say I have received a provisional invite to contribute a new story to an anthology from a much respected small press; and I have had a story accepted for inclusion in an another new and very special, limited edition anthology.

Also I have been asked to write a horror novella for a new line of author showcases – not sure on this one yet, as I still need to come up with a story idea I like (as well as actually putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard), but it’s certainly an honor to be asked.

On to things I can talk about: the WATCH anthology from Imprint Phoenix Publishing, and my WW2 voyeuristic horror, THROUGH THE NIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE PURE, is now back from the printers and, assuming the editor finds no glaring errors in the proof, it shouldn’t be too long before you can order up your very own copy.

Well, that’s it for now: keep reading and all the best,


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