March 2009

News has come in from SCOTOPIA PRESS that their new anthology, DARK DISTORTIONS II is still moving forward, albeit slowly, and the editors hope to be into the editing phase very soon. This is very good news as you may remember my short story, FROM THESE A SLOW AND SILENT STREAM, has been provisionally accepted, subject to a successful first line edit, for inclusion in this respected anthology series.

If you would like to check out DARK DISTORTIONS volume I it can be found over at the SCOTOPIA PRESS website.

Also I’ve received a couple reviews, which I’ve included for you to check out:

”A Handful of Dust” by Ian R. Faulkner, from Crimewave 9: Transgressions. Crimewave isn’t conventional crime fiction, and this story would have been at home in a horror anthology. It begins as a tale of a man so obsessed with his dead wife that he does odd things with her ashes, but it develops into something far more disturbing. Well written, and another fine reading by John Berlyne.

Reviewed by Paul S. Jenkins over at the fix.


“SPACE AND TIME: The Magazine of Fantasy, Horror, And Science Fiction” issue # 106

The setting of “The Sleeper’s Awakening” by Ian R. Faulkner is a world called Llorrac Siwel that had been terraformed and colonized eleven years ago. There is so little crime that Chief Security Officer David has an easy job. When Holly Grimes comes to him to report the disappearance of her husband, things change. He uncovers some strange things happening on his calm little world and this makes for an exciting story

Reviewed by Sam Tomaino over at SFRevu

All the best and happy reading,