The Fix: Short Fiction Review/

Speak Ill of the Dead” by Ian Faulkner recaptures the theme of the issue, pulling readers into a future world where a sentient zombie cult of terrorists has kidnapped the brother of Blueberry, an ex-anti-terrorism agent. The cult hope to use her brother as leverage to force her to help, even join them. Blueberry has bitten off a bit more than she can chew, but there’s an extra layer here, revealed in the last few paragraphs. A zombie tale that doesn’t feel like a rehash of trodden ground, for all the science fiction aspects. But the horror is quite real.

Someone has found a way to re-animate the dead in Ian Faulkner’s Speak Ill of the Dead. They’re not very pleasant, in a fundamentalist terrorist kind of way. What I thought was great about this story is that it’s set in the UK, with a former Special Branch officer as the protagonist, but doesn’t end up sounding self-conscious about it. It’s full of high-tech weaponry and combat, but doesn’t come across as all gung-ho and ridiculous. And the ex-police woman is called Blueberry, which doesn’t at all sound daft in the story. It’s a brilliantly put together tale.

This is Issue #3 [of Murky Depths] and has a nice mix of dark stories, all of which got a Very Good from me.