September 2012

Things are still quiet on the writing front – so no real news there, but I do have a tease for you, as THE CAT CONSPIRACIES are coming soon!

And just what the heck  are they? I hear  you ask.

Well, THE CAT CONSPIRACIES are the  brain child of Ravi Thornton (the author of the very adult, emotional and disturbing graphic novel, THE TALE OF BRIN & BENT AND MINNO MARYLEBONE ) and I can’t say too much more about them just yet – I did say this was a tease – other than they will be something a little out of the ordinary, especially for myself, as they’re not just stories, but, as Ravi puts it, a set of “awesome pervasive adventure narratives”.

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July 2012

Not too much to report, as things are still quiet on the writing front, although the new anthology from MHB, “Cadence in Decay” is still progressing (as far as I know) and I’ve had some provisional news on a story I submitted to another new forthcoming anthology. This little surreal ditty has, according to the editor, made it to the maybe pile, which is certainly much much better than a rejection. So keep your fingers crossed.

One item of interest for those who may have missed out on any of my stories published by THE HOUSE OF MURKY DEPTHS is, as of right now, you can pick up any two issues for the price of one – that’s two slices of graphically dark anthology mixing prose short stories with comics in a graphic-novel-sized package for the bargain price of £6.99.

So don’t wait. Treat yourself today.


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June 2012


Hey it’s June and, like all the best British summers, it’s raining.  But don’t despair –  soon you’ll be hearing news about the new anthology from MHB, “Cadence in Decay“.

It’s been awhile since we last spoke about the CID anthology, but rest assured the book is still on target for later this year; I’ve just heard from the editor, Ty Schwamberger, that already half the interior black & white illustrations are complete, along with the full colour art for the cover. Once the lettering has been completed on the cover I should have a copy to post for you all to check out.

Best wishes,


May 2012

I have, at long last, left notepad and native html behind, moved hosting and embraced fully this newfangled  WordPress thing everyone keeps telling me about.

So, without further ado, here’s the new site – same as the old site, just, well, a little different.

Check back and I’ll post things for you to read and marvel at.

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December 2011

It’s December and the festive season is once more upon us. I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls this year and have written your letters to Santa? You don’t want to wake up Christmas morning to an empty space under the tree when you could have a big pile of books to unwrap. Also, remember to save a few of your hard-earned pennies for the New Year, as I have a story due out in a new anthology from the wonderful MHB Press, edited by Ty Schwamberger, and featuring tales from some of the best genre authors around.



CADENCE IN DECAY is due early 2012 and, to whet your appetite, here is the table of contents:

  • RICOCHET by J.F. Gonzalez
  • UNKNOWN CALLER by Michael West
  • CACOPHONY by Adam P. Lewis
  • BREAKING UP by Ramsey Campbell
  • DEAD CACHE by Mike Oliveri
  • PATIENCE by Skip Novak
  • WAR IS OVER by Gary Braunbeck
  • DIALING THE DEAD by James A. Moore
  • TERMINAL POINT OF ADDICTION by Ian R. Faulkner (that’s me)
  • THE CHRISTMAS CALLER by Jack Ketchum
  • TIN CANS by Jeff Strand
  • THE TALKING DEAD by Tim Waggoner

Best wishes and a very merry Christmas,


November 2011

Bad news for the month of November, as Murky Depths is closing up shop with the publication of issue #18. You can read the official announcement from Terry Martin, editor and publisher, over at his blog lucifal.wordpress. However, in a nutshell, whilst The House of Murky Depths will continue to publish paperbacks and graphic novels, the magazine has shut up its shutters and locked its doors and this is sad, sad news – I mean, it’s always a black day when a genre magazine shuts up shop (there aren’t that many left now as it is) but MD was special and it will be missed.

I had three stories published by Terry since Murky Depths was launched back in 2007 (SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD, which appeared in issue #3; THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE, which appeared in issue #10; and VALERIA, which appeared in issue #16) and I am, and always will be, very grateful to Terry and Murky Depths.

All the best,


October 2011

I’ve no actual new news, as things have been pretty quiet around here for the last couple of months, although the Mansion House project is still underway and expected sometime early 2012.

CADENCE IN DECAY is being put together by author and editor Ty Schwamberger and is being published as a signed, limited edition hardcover by Mansion House Books Press. It will feature stories from:



That’s it for now. Have a great Halloween.

All the best,


August 2011

As a special treat for the month I have now added a new section to my site entitled Free Stuff. This page contains, well, free stuff, and my plan for this page is to continually post freebee versions of some of my more out of circulation stories. The first up is THE RUSALKA, which made its debut back in 2007, although this version has been heavily edited and rewritten for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. And then, if you have an urge to read the original (and, of course, all the other wonderful stories featured alongside my own), you can pick up a copy of the anthology LOST INNOCENCE from Amazon for a little over £7.00 – just check out the reviews below:

  • This is a great anthology of dark fantasy/horror from this up and coming magazine… a sweet (and sour) little treat for the lover of the macabre.
  • This is an outstanding collection of stories from issues 1-4 of Niteblade Magazine chosen by readers. There are 13 chilling stories and poems that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Also this month I found a mini review of my short story VALERIA (Murky Depths #16) from the author Alan Baxter. Mr. B stated that VALERIA was “… a dark, violent cyberpunk noir tale. Gritty and clever, and quite disturbing….” which is nice.

Not much more to tell at the moment, other than to remind you to pick up a copy of WATCH from IPP, assuming you haven’t already, and to keep your eyes peeled for more news on my involvement in the MHB anthologyCADENCE IN DECAY.

All the best,


July 2011 Part II

he wait is over: WATCH is here and is available right now from Imprint Phoenix Publishing as a limited edition paperback.

Watch: an anthology from Imprint Phoenix Publishing

This chilling collection of the macabre is a grisly exploration of the darker aspects of voyeurism and it contains fifteen deliciously dark tales from the likes of:

  • William Meikle,
  • Bob Freeman,
  • David Jeffery;
  • Ian Faulkner;
  • Daniel I. Russell;
  • Rhys Hughes;
  • Ian R. Faulkner (that’s me);
  • Peter Mark May;
  • Meghan Smith;
  • Patt Mihailoff;
  • Tom Mason;
  • Stephanie Villalpando;
  • Lou Gharr;
  • Michael Rose.

For those buyers in the US, you can order a copy by clicking here:

For buyers outside the US, please click this option:

Don’t delay: click the appropriate button today!

Remember, WATCH features my WW2 voyeuristic horror story, THROUGH THE NIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE PURE, which is, in my opinion, one of the best things I have written, and which is, in the words of the editor, “…an incredible tale that will leave the reader with a chill and a lasting memory long after the last page has been turned….”

When you pick up your copy, which you can do today, hopefully, you will think so too.

All the best and keep reading,